LOT Staff Get Kitted Out: What are our favourite gift sets and why??

LOT Staff Get Kitted Out: What are our favourite gift sets and why??

We're having a gift set sale just in time for the holidays! We curated our kits and gift sets with a lot of care and with you in mind. Whether you want to create a mood (hello Relaxation), you're always on the go (hey there, Jetsetter), or are brand spanking new to natural skincare (Discovery phase!), read on to find out what our staff kit picks are!

Roohi: The Discovery Kit is just so cute... but the Weekender is cute and functional! When I travel, I travel light, so I prefer to carry smaller bottles. This has everything I need in light, travel-friendly sizes.

Daniella: I would have to pick the Relaxation Kit - all lavender please! While home is Toronto, the city can make you feel overwhelmed sometimes. It's nice to sit, relax and give myself a facial massage with the Lavender Argan Oil in this kit. 


Sara: Relaxation Kit! Lavender is just so soothing right now with the change in weather and holiday hustle. I love using and breathing in the Lavender Argan Lotion on my face and I give my hair and scalp some TLC with the Lavender Argan Oil. The Headache Balm and Lavender Lip Balm are always in my purse. This kit is the best value!

Gloria: I choose the Spa Kit. My Leaves of Trees go-to's are all found inside the Spa Kit. Our Facial Cleansing Oil, Orange Blossom Argan Oil and Brightening Face Mask are in my regular rotation and this bundle is a great price!

Erika: I love my old pal Frank(incense). I have to choose the Winter Survival Kit. My skin gets crazy dry in the winter and this kit has everything. The Frankincense Argan Oil is fab all over and as a hair moisturizer. I use the Olive Argan Butter on my hands but it's really great as a protective layer on the face if you're into winter sports. And you can't go wrong with the Headache Balm during cold season. I rub it on my nose to not only decongest, but to keep it hydrated when I'm using too many tissues!

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