The Modern Dad Morning FOUR-mula: Shower, Shave, Moisturize & Go!

The Modern Dad Morning FOUR-mula: Shower, Shave, Moisturize & Go!


"Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad..."
~ Wade Boggs, Former Major League Baseball Player
This year, for Father's Day, we've put together a foursome of our modern-apothecary products in a gift set offered at 25% off, to help that special dad start his day in fine form.
Here's our Modern Dad Morning FOUR-mula: Shower, Shave, Moisturize & Go!
4 steps to start the day for the Modern Dad

Step 1: Start in the shower with the own-the-day fresh scent of our all-natural Charcoal Anise Soap.

Dad may only think of charcoal for his barbecue, but if he hasn't tried charcoal soap yet, he is in for a treat. He will love its dry-skin combative elements and its ability to draw out impurities. And he'll get that so-fresh-and-so-clean feeling without questionable ingredients, or stripping away the skin's precious moisture. Always free of synthetic colours and fragrances, we only use what’s necessary and some luxurious extras when creating our hydrating soaps. Dad, get ready to lather up!

Step 2: Shave with the best-in-category Paragon Razor.

The stylish Paragon with its razor-head made of Chromed—a cast zinc alloy— is for the experienced shaver. With dad's fine-tuned technique, we strongly believe the geometry of this head will provide one of the closest shaves he can get. After using the Paragon, Dad will have further proof that he's one smooth operator.

Step 3: Apply the Leaves of Trees all-natural Eucalyptus Argan Oil.

This is the perfect pre- and post-shave moisturizer with anti-bacterial and extra-skin-hydrating properties. Argan oil is known as “liquid gold” as much for its warm, colour as for the high levels of antioxidants that absorb seamlessly into the skin, leaving it radiant and hydrated. Dad can use this versatile moisturizer on his face, hair, body or nails. The Eucalyptus essential oil boosts the antibacterial and antiseptic properties while add a refreshing hit with its aroma.
Hot shaving tip: Massage 4-5 drops onto wet skin before shaving. Finish with a couple of drops to moisturize the face, beard.

Step 4: Power up for the sweat of the day with the Leaves of Trees Eucalyptus Mint Deodorant.

This all-natural odour-fighter ensures dad can breeze confidently through the day's sweatiest scenarios. Dad will feel minty fresh all day, as this deodorant combats odour before it even begins with a potent mix of neem, eucalyptus and peppermint

The modern dad follows this FOUR-mula, gets dressed, and he's out the door to the office (or playing outdoors with the kids)—ready to do all his super-dad

Save 25% (Total value $100)
Charcoal Anise Soap - 50 grams - value $5
Paragon Razor - value $45
Eucalyptus Argan Oil 50ml - value $35
Eucalyptus Mint Deodorant 37ml - value $15
Special pricing valid today through June 18 at 11:59 p.m. ET, available online at and in-store (177 Queen Street East in Toronto, Canada.) Note: orders must be placed by Monday, June 12, 12 p.m. ET for deliveries to arrive by Friday, June 16, in advance of Father's Day.