Check out Leaves of Trees ***NEW*** Deodorant

Leaves of Trees deodorants are now available at They are available in two scents: Lavender-Tangerine, and Eucalyptus Mint. Both are packaged in the handy and elegant lotion tubes which you love, with hand-screen printed labels. The deodorants are formulated with ingredients which are naturally anti-bacterial. This prevents bacteria which live on your skin from breaking down your sweat into not-so-nice smelling substances. Sweat actually doesn't have a bad smell until it is broken down by bacteria. The deodorants also contain clay which helps you to feel a bit drier. 
Here is an actual email (name removed) that an actual customer sent me a few weeks ago:
Hi there,
I was at the eco beauty market in June and I bought one of your lavender tangerine deodorants. You mentioned that it was the first time you'd sold it, and you wanted to hear how I liked it. Well…I LOVE it! It is absolutely fabulous. It smells great, is very easy to apply, and keeps me smelling fresh all day. It also helps keep the sweating to a minimum…I guess because of the baking soda and the clay? I've tried lots of 'natural' deodorants, and this one is by FAR my favourite.  I even wore it at my wedding on June 21st - it was a SUPER hot day and there was a lot of stress followed by a lot of dancing…and it held up great! The tube is also a very handy size - I just have to watch I don't mix it up with my hand lotion.
Anyways, I wanted to ask - will you be selling this again? I'd love to stock up on a few more tubes (and maybe get a couple for my family). 
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