Travel Like a Boss!

Travel Like a Boss!

Our founder has travelled... a lot. Here she shares some her favourite places, travel hacks and wisdom she's learned along the way.

 How many countries have you been to? Name them:

  • Canada 
  • USA
  • Belize
  • Mexico
  • Guatemala - one day!
  • Morocco
  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain
  • UAE
  • Kosovo (Albanian language) - I got lost there looking for a waterfall, but met the kindest farmer that helped me out!
  • China (I learned Mandarin!)
  • Pakistan - base camp of Nanga Parbat
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
Morocco, taken from Roohi'spersonal collection

What was your favourite place? Why?

There’s more than one - my top two are Morocco and China. In China, I stayed with lovely people with great hospitality. Moroccan people showed me so much kindness.

It’s really the people that make the trip. I like to travel alone because it forces you to interact with local people and better immerse yourself in the local experience.

A big part of travel is getting lost and letting yourself go and opening yourself up to new experiences. It’s not about the five stars but being open-minded and flexible.

Roohi picking argan nuts in Morocco!

Which place had your favourite food?

France, for pastry and I, love the street food in Pakistan. More recently I enjoyed the food in Glasgow, Scotland; it has a vibrant restaurant scene, so does Bogota, Colombia. Also, Singapore; there’s not enough time to eat at all the Hawker centres!

What essentials did you pack?

I only travel with a carry-on and never check my luggage. I pack light. I usually take an empty sport-sack in my carry-on so I can go shopping while I’m there. I check my luggage on my way back home only.

I only pack the essentials. I usually don’t pack things like toothpaste or soap, shampoos or conditioner. It’s nice to purchase these things there to allow myself to immerse in the local culture.

I also pack things that dry quickly and that are light - no denim! I always pack a Turkish towel because it’s light, and dries quickly, compact and versatile it can be a scarf or a picnic blanket!  I try to blend into where I’m travelling.

What’s your fave LoT product to travel with?

Lavender Argan Oil - 5ml for the plane.

Headache Balm - it relaxes me on the flight and is a pleasant scent to be exposed to while travelling. It’s like a candle without the flame!

Our Brand is inspired by Morocco - what were some of your favourite places you that you visited there? Any tips for someone going?

I really love Marrakech because it’s so colourful and vibrant, the people are so lovely it’s stimulating to the senses.

For relaxation, I like the desert in the east. The one hidden gem that you won’t find mentioned in travel books is Oualidia. It’s a beautiful, peaceful, lagoon on the Atlantic coast and is favoured as a vacation spot for the locals. It’s not too expensive, very restful and has excellent seafood.

Where do you want to go next?

I would like to explore more of Canada’s beautiful, natural destinations where I can travel by road with my dog, Gunnar. 

Gunnar - Roohi's adopted bff and next travel buddy!