International Women’s Day 2018: The Women Behind our Argan Oil

International Women’s Day 2018: The Women Behind our Argan Oil

Happy International Women’s Day from Leaves of Trees!

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate today than to show the faces of the hardworking women that produce our argan oil. We obtain our organic argan oil from a women’s cooperative where it is still processed the traditional way, at the hands of the Berber women.

Argan nuts are almost as hard as a rock. It’s no easy feat to collect them from the ground beneath argan trees, clean them, crack them and crush them, all by hand. This is days worth of work.  It takes 20 hours to extract just one litre of oil.

At Leaves of Trees, we recognize and value the incredible amount of work that goes into this process. Not only does this method result in a superior product, it helps to sustain the women doing it, providing them access to gainful employment, international business markets and the basics we take for granted like literacy and education. This is why we will always pay them fairly and directly.

This is someone’s mother, daughter, aunt or grandmother. These are the women behind Leaves of Trees Argan oil. Thank you to everyone who supports them by supporting us.

  • Awesome women! says...

    On March 08, 2018

    Awesome products!

  • Aneta says...

    On March 08, 2018

    Thank you for featuring these great women! Great products start with great ingredients, and your argan oil is of excellent quality. Now we know who makes it, and how it is made. Thank you for making a difference.

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