Snow Day In: Our perfect version of a snow day, well spent.

Snow Day In: Our perfect version of a snow day, well spent.

We have been graced with our first snowfall of the year here in Toronto, Canada, where Leaves of Trees is based! The first snow day is always met with some mixed emotions. Yes, we need to shovel, but at the same time, it's an opportunity and a welcomed excuse to stay in and get cozy! Why fight it? Grab a friend and try some of the following fun, sustainable and conscious activities for when the mercury drops and the snow piles up.

1. Make a beautiful, natural holiday wreath: We are swooning over Fresh Exchange's use of eucalyptus in their DIY wreath.  

2. Make a warming, vegan soup: If you haven't noticed... we love the scent of anise. Here's a recipe from Cookie and Kate for a comforting, vegetarian pho soup featuring this star ingredient (get it - Star Anise? 😉 )

3. Have a self-care session: Our Spa Kit comes equipped with everything you need to have a spa day without leaving the house.  Ease into the session by easing tension with our Headache Balm. Rub a little bit on your shoulders and the back of your neck to help you feel relaxed. Prep and cleanse your skin with our Facial Cleansing Oil and follow it up with Brightening Face Mask. After removing our exfoliating mask, slather on our moisturizing and toning Orange Blossom Argan Oil and treat your lips to our Moroccan Mint Lip Balm.

Voila - a perfect, crafty and cozy snow day, well spent. How do you like to spend a snowy, winter's day?? Leave your comment below!