5 Simple Steps to Incorporate Veganism Into Your Lifestyle

5 Simple Steps to Incorporate Veganism  Into Your Lifestyle

The first day of November is World Vegan Day! At Leaves of Trees, we strive to #committokindness by never testing any of our handmade, all-natural products on animals. How do you know this? By the cruelty-free bunny on our packaging and our listing on PETA.org. Or you can ask our production manager: she has us roll up our sleeves to drop a fresh batch of lotion on our arms for a sniff test!

So why should you try veganism? It's a hot topic right now, but all trends aside, there are real benefits to moving towards a more plant-based diet. There is evidence to show that those following a vegan diet intake more fibre, antioxidants, magnesium, folate and yes, even iron just to name a few. 

So how do you go vegan? Check out our simple tips below to get started!

1. Take small steps

While going cold-Tofurkey overnight might work for some, this method is overwhelming for most. Try substituting one food at a time. For example, for one month, try replacing cow's milk with almond, coconut or rice milk. This way you can spend some time exploring different brands of one food to find something you like. When you get comfortable with that, move on to something else!

2. It's not just food

If you're not keen to swap out your favourite food item, why not try a skincare item? Makeup, body care and skincare have evolved a lot over recent years. 100% cruelty-free, all natural, organic or small-batch skincare is still incredibly effective and a delightful experience to use. At Leaves of Trees, we offer over two dozen vegan products in our collection in a variety of sizes. You can shop our vegan skincare here.

3. Make it fun

Yes, vegan food can be 'fun' food! More people are transitioning to plant-based diets which means there are more options than ever before. Have you checked out the vegan scene in your city? Your favourite cafe probably offers a creamy, almond-milk latte and vegan muffins. What's for lunch? Try a BBQ pulled-jackfruit sandwich. Chase dinner with a slice of raw vegan cheery cheesecake for dessert. Game night? Make some cauliflower wings. You, your friends and your stomach will be pleasantly surprised!

4. Meal prep

Don't have as many vegan options in your city? Get googling and be blown away by the number of bloggers and YouTubers making beautiful, plant-based foods. We all have a few go-to recipes up our sleeves. Look up the vegan versions of them and try them at home. For example, if your signature stir-fry takes chicken, swap in some marinated smoked tofu strips or crumble tempeh into your spaghetti bolognese sauce. 

5. Be easy on yourself

Real, meaningful change takes time. Perhaps you couldn't resist those freshly baked, double chocolate cookies. So what? Take a look at your progress. If you've been making steady changes like committing to meatless Mondays, choosing the vegan option on the menu or meal-prepping meat and dairy free dishes at home - have you really failed? Change your mindset to progress, not perfectionism. 

It's cool to be kind. 

Click here for a delicious vegan pizza recipe from popsugar.com! 


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