Global Wellness Day - How Frankincense Can Increase Your Wellness

Global Wellness Day - How Frankincense Can Increase Your Wellness

The second Saturday in June is Global Wellness Day! In 2017, that’s June 10. This is movement that began small with a group in Turkey and has grown to include 100+ countries in celebration.

Truly, every day is dedicated to wellness here at Leaves of Trees. Our all-natural products are made with an unwavering commitment to kindness to our whole community; to you, our consumer; to our suppliers with whom we practice fair-trade; to our employees; and to Earth. Wellness—full circle.

We thought the collective focus on wellness around the world was a good opportunity to highlight one of our ingredient stars, Frankincense. Why? Because it has been used for centuries, and long celebrated for bringing about spiritual well-being and enlightenment—quite fitting for contributing to overall wellness.

Frankincense is revered for its healing properties, and for its connection to spiritual enlightenment. Also known as olibanum, Frankincense is extracted from the bark of the tree, Boswellia sacra.

Leaves of Trees sources its Frankincense, wildcrafted, in its purest form from Oman—the world's greatest and best-known source for the highest quality.

For both the Frankincense Argan Oil and the Frankincense Hand and Body Lotion, we take the raw Frankincense resin and add it to pure certified-organic cold-pressed Argan oil. There, it steeps for weeks. Then we grind down the resin in the oil before decanting it or adding it to our lotion base. We use high-quality Frankincense essential oil in our Frankincense Lip Balm. This all happens at Leaves of Trees' small-batch production facility in Toronto.

Research continues on Frankincense in the modern-day quest for anti-aging. Indeed, Frankincense has a growing following because of its cell-regenerative properties. Many using products with Frankincense do report noticing a reduction in the appearance of fine lines.

But, let's be frank. Putting vanity aside, we'd take Frankincense for its centuries-old use because of the fresh, woody scent that is proven to impart feelings of spiritual well-being.

So, here's our Frankincense lineup.

Leaves of Trees Frankincense Argan Oil

5ml - $7 | 50ml $50 | 100ml $85


The high-quality wildcrafted Frankincense resin we source from Oman is steeped for weeks in our certified organic ethically-sourced Argan oil (cold-pressed by hand) before we decant into our apothecary bottles. It's anti-aging, cell-regenerating, and very moisturizing.

Some draw on the healing properties of this oil by putting it on small, clean wounds and scrapes, to accelerate repair.


Leaves of Trees Frankincense Argan Hand and Body Lotion 

37ml - $10

Combining science and nature, we keep things super-simple, yet highly effective with only a few ingredients in our hand and body lotion. It is deep-penetrating, yet a light-feeling lotion.

We start with 100% pure, cold-pressed by hand, certified organic, and ethically-sourced Argan Oil. Beyond this "liquid gold" signature ingredient, the star in this lotion is the Frankincense. We steep the high-quality wildcrafted resin from Oman, for weeks in the Argan oil before we grind it down in the oil, and add it to the lotion.

Talk about a powerhouse of cell-regenerative properties!


Leaves of Trees Frankincense Lip Balm 


Using a base of luscious oils, waxes and butters including our ethically-sourced, certified-organic, hand-pressed Argan oil, we create our lip balms to last, protect and hydrate. The fresh, woody-scented Frankincense essential oil in this version helps to deliver extra-hydration to dry and chapped lips.


Men and women love our Frankincense products. With all its benefits, it’s no wonder Frankincense has a centuries-old history of being a wonder ingredient.