Beat the Heat with Eucalyptus

Beat the Heat with Eucalyptus

Heatwave alerts, outdoor sports, play dates in the park, camping trips, dockside parties—summer has officially arrived! These gloriously warm days can also leave you feeling a little hot and bothered and looking for ways to keep your cool. 

That's where our ingredient-star eucalyptus comes in, known for its anti-bacterial properties and fresh, clean scent, eucalyptus also provides a lovely, cooling and mildly-tingling sensation when it touches your skin. 

To boot, our high-quality eucalyptus essential oil is organic.

Here's the low-down (dare we call it the "cool-down") on the products among the all-natural Leaves of Trees collection that include the invigorating hot-day helper, eucalyptus. 

Eucalyptus Mint Deodorant

This fan-favourite combines eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils for a super-fresh and clean feeling. Our natural deodorant packs a one-two-three punch: its antibacterial essential oils combined with neem oil prevent odour before it starts; kaolin clay and baking soda help to keep you dry, and our cold-pressed argan oil moisturizes the delicate underarm skin. 

Apply to clean, dry underarms in the morning, or before the softball game or that al fresco dinner party! This product can also be applied to feet before a long hot hike, or any physical activity. 

LoT Tip: keep in the fridge for an extra-cool kick. 

Eucalyptus Argan Oil

This multi-purpose oil is a must-have during the summer. Eucalyptus' antiseptic and antibacterial properties boost our organic argan oil's skin-soothing benefits. Men and women alike love it before and after shaving to cool the skin and reduce bumps and inflammation from nicks or scratches. It can also be helpful to alleviate and control acne. Try applying this energizing oil to your face or body after cleansing in the morning, or to freshly groomed facial hair.

Eucalyptus Mint Soap

Wakey-wakey! Get a jump on beating the midday heat first thing in the morning with this invigorating soap. Moroccan Ghassoul clay cleanses and draws out impurities while imparting beneficial minerals such as silica and potassium to the skin. Shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil nourish the skin, so it's left cleansed and refreshed, but never dry.

Eucalyptus Seaweed Scrub

Summer in the city is fun, but it also means construction dust, extra exhaust and smoggy days. It all adds up to a free-radical cocktail that can leave your skin looking a little lack-lustre. Scrub off the city skin-stress with this refreshing exfoliator. Epsom salts and seaweed are full of antioxidants like B-vitamins and magnesium that neutralize oxidative stress while sloughing off dead skin cells. Argan and olive oils hydrate and nourish the newly exfoliated skin.

Headache Balm

Eucalyptus combined with lavender and peppermint make this mental fog-clearing balm a must-have for hazy, humid days (or anytime throughout the year.) Its cooling sensation helps alleviate headache pain due to tension, stress, or pre-thunderstorm barometric pressure fluctuations, and maybe an extended night out on a patio. (We're not judging.)

Bonus: If you suffer from summer allergies, the eucalyptus in this balm can also help you breathe easier when applied underneath your nose and to your chest.

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Stay fresh, friends!

The LoT Team

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