New season, new beginnings, and some thoughts on stress management.

New season, new beginnings, and some thoughts on stress management.

For the past few months we have – perhaps unwillingly – experienced life at a different pace. As the weeks progressed, this slow-living frame of mind started to become second nature. But as we move away from warm summer days and look ahead to fall, September brings even more change. While back-to-school season might be different this year, the return to a busier schedule typically brings new levels of stress, highlighted even more so by the rapid shift our lives took earlier this year. 

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. Stress is how our brain and body respond to challenges. While stress in a dangerous situation signals the body to prepare for a threat, generalized, long-term stress can be harmful to our health and well-being. To reignite our ability to look within for the calmness and direction many of us need right now, here are a few suggested wellness practices to help cope with stress and manage a busier schedule.

1) Be observant

Identifying what makes us stressed and how it impacts our body is an important first step to help explore and acknowledge what’s going on. Examine what worries you, look for things you can control or improve and put your efforts there. Whether it’s journaling or talking about how you are feeling, start the conversation with yourself. It can help you identify triggers and set goals and priorities but most importantly, it will help you stay connected to yourself and others.

2) Breathe

Being conscious of our breathing can make a big difference in our stress levels. Deep mindful breathing can help us be fully present and stay in the moment. It’s known that deep breathing decreases stress, letting tension out as we exhale. Incorporating soothing ingredients as you focus on your breathing can also be very nourishing. We recommend applying Lavender Argan Oil or Lotion to your face, hands and body, breathing deeply as you do so. Lavender is the embodiment of calm, with relaxing properties to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and alleviate tension. Or try our Calm Balm on your temples, the nape of your neck, under your nose, or as a rub for sore muscles. In addition to lavender, it contains peppermint to boost energy and release tight muscles, and eucalyptus which helps you to breathe easier and deeper.

3) Disconnect to reconnect

Stress might have us feeling disengaged from our inner self and our purpose. To re-establish that connection, it’s important to stop and find little acts of self-care that do wonders to boost our mental well-being. Discover what recharges you and go for it, whether it’s talking to a friend over a cup of tea, going for a walk, taking a long bath, or spending time in nature.

Whatever September means to you, remember that stress is an opportunity to listen to our mind and body, to slow down and offer ourselves some nurturing care. September will lead us through change, so let’s embrace this new month as the mark of fresh beginnings.