Father's Day Special


Father's Day is just around the corner but Leaves Of Trees has you covered!
And we think Dad deserves to be spoiled, so we're offering 

15% off purchases over $50 at www.leavesoftrees.com.

Use discount code: MENLOVELOT

Offer ends, June 15, 2015 - midnight EST

Dad's can be hard to buy for, so we've collected some gift ideas for even the toughest customers. 

Treat Dad to some LOT products, like our:

Eucalyptus Argan Oil

Whether he's clean-shaven or Grizzly Adams, or somewhere in between, our Eucalyptus Argan Oil is multipurpose care for that handsome face.

1. Use as an alternative to shaving creams for a clean, close shave and minimize cuts and irritation.
2. Dab on a bit extra after shaving to moisturize skin and keep it feeling soft. 
3. Work a couple drops into facial hair to condition and soften those whiskers. 

Frankincense Argan Lotion

A lotion that uses the benefits of argan oil to nourish and moisturize hard-working hands.

Charcoal Anise Soap

After a hard day's work, wash away the toxins and bacteria that cling to the skin and clog pores and let this soap leaves behind a subtle scent of licorice.

Frankincense Soap in Thuja Wood Box 

A truly special and unique hand-crafted gift.

Custom cut-by-hand frankincense soap neatly nestled in a hand-carved wood box made of Thuja wood, imported from Morocco. The wood itself carries a warm, sweet scent and paired with hints of citrus and pine of the frankincense. Once the soap is finished, use the box to hold change, cufflinks or mementos. 

French White Clay Shaving Soap 

Our limited edition shaving soap encompasses the best qualities and benefits of our Eucalyptus Shaving Soap, but with a lighter, brighter, summertime look. We've used a white clay, imported from France, as it naturally cleanses skin, drawing out impurities, without removing important natural oils. Lather it up to provide a silky and slick surface allowing the razor to glide closely to the skin without causing cuts and irritation. 

(Pictured left to right, top to bottom: Eucalyptus Mint Deodorant, Eucalyptus Argan Oil, Frankincense Argan Lotion, Pink Grapefruit Argan Lotion, Charcoal Anise Soap, Frankincense Soap in hand-carved Thuja wood box, Coffee Argan Scrub, Headache Balm**, French White Clay Shaving Soap.)
*Shaving Brush not for sale. 
**Headache balm available at HQ now, available online in August - stay tuned for more info!