Double Edge Safety Razor

From $45.00

Shaving is a dream for experienced shavers with this sleek double edge razor from Paragon Shaving. Its black stainless steel handle is titanium coated and the cast-zinc alloy razor head is chromed for corrosion resistance. Using a safety razor will allow you to achieve a closer, smoother shave and will save you money and reduce waste in the long-term as you only need to replace the blades.

Includes one blade in the box.  

Dimensions: 9.5 cm length x 4 cm width

Paragon Shaving is based in Vancouver, Canada and directs a portion of their revenue towards Hogar de Parálisis Cerebral Roberto Callejas Montalvo (HOPAC), a non profit organization in El Salvador that aids children and adults with cerebral palsy, and other disabilities, that come from poverty and have very limited resources.