Reuseable Cutlery Set - Perfectly Imperfect

$ 47.00 CAD $ 10.00 CAD $ 42.00 CAD $ 10.00 CAD
$ 47.00 CAD $ 10.00 CAD $ 42.00 CAD $ 10.00 CAD

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A lot of plastic waste comes from food-related conveniences; this includes plastic cutlery that you may use at a fast food restaurant, on an airplane, in an office, etc. You can avoid this plastic pollution by carrying a cutlery set. Our handmade re-useable cutlery sets come with a bamboo fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks and straw (with a straw cleaner too!) Choose between waxed canvas or vintage bark cloth (yes, fabric made from tree-bark ;)

*There's actually nothing wrong or 'imperfect' with these babies, we're just trying to clear out the last few to make room for other offerings...Snag a set now for more than 50% off! Final Sale*