Marrakech Travel Kit: Jetsetter

$ 148.00 CAD
$ 148.00 CAD
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With effortless style—that's how you like to travel.

Even on a short-jaunt getaway from your regular routine, you won't compromise the best version of you.

Whether it's from the dry, recirculated cabin air, or the dehydrated hours of the car ride, your skin can look flaky and tired. Don't make it pay the toll.

Arrive looking and feeling refreshed with these must-have products. Use them on board, at the pit stop, and wherever you land.

The Marrakech Travel Kit (Jetsetter) is made of waxed canvas with a copper zipper and water-resistant lining. The kit is fabricated in Toronto, Canada by local sewers and contains the following products:

  • Argan oil (50 mL)
  • Facial cleansing oil (50 mL)
  • Eucalyptus mint deodorant (37 mL)
  • Moroccan mint lip balm 
  • Headache balm (15 mL)
  • Turkish towel face cloth - 100% cotton (not pictured)

This kit is also available in the compact Weekender version.


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