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We collaborated with Kim Newport Mimran, designer and President of Pink Tartan, to bring you our newest deodorant - Boisé by KNM. This effective deodorant is gentle and moisturizing for skin with notes of petitgrain, sandalwood, sweet orange, patchouli, and oud. The bold, woodsy scent is appealing for both men & women.  Boisé is no shrinking violet.

An added benefit of the product's unique ingredient profile, and key to protecting fashion investments, is that it will not damage or stain fabrics, ensuring invisible coverage and crisp white shirts.





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* = certified organic

  • Kaolin clay
  • baking soda
  • argan oil*
  • cocoa butter*
  • vegetable-based emulsifier
  • neem oil
  • petitgrain essential oil (from leaf of bitter orange)
  • sandalwood essential oil
  • sweet orange oil*
  • patchouli essential oil*
  • oud (agarwood) essential oil


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