Meet the women behind our favourite all-natural beauty lines

Meet the women behind our favourite all-natural beauty lines

Q: What were you doing before you launched your own brand?

A: I was a medical doctor. I still am. I work part-time, so that allows me to work on, and develop, new products for Leaves of Trees.

Q: When was the moment you knew this line could really be something?

A: It has been more of a gradual process for me. There wasn't a lightbulb moment, per se. I was making products for myself, and my friends liked them. So, I started selling them to friends of friends and it just kept growing.

Q: What's the one-sentence you use to describe your line?

A: It's an all-natural modern apothecary line. Unrefined, organic Argan oil, hand-pressed by a women's cooperative in Morocco, is one of the most common ingredients; so there is a healthy pinch of Morocco and other exotic flavours in all products.

Q: What are you hoping people will learn from you about natural beauty?

A: I hope that people will question claims made by those in the natural beauty industry. I think it is important for people to always keep an open mind, but to always question whether there is any evidence behind health/beauty claims, and how good it is.

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